Impact Labs

Impact Labs


    • Impact labs is a platform that focuses on co-creation and experimentation in social innovation. The lab curates programs for the various stakeholders of the Social Impact Space like Social Startups, NGOs, Multilateral Organisations, CSRs and Researchers to tackle complex social challenges and explore novel methods to drive social innovation.
    • The objective of the lab is to identify strategic opportunities for convergence in order to maximise social impact in Telangana. Impact Labs creates a space for interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral collaboration where various organisations are provided with a platform to innovate and experiment


    What happens in Impact Labs?


    Identifying key issues, priorities and tasks

    Testing and prototyping innovative solutions


    Fostering new collaborations within the impact space

    Link social action and research


    To improve specific stages of the SI innovation process, such as idea generation or validation, implementation, testing, etc

    Engaging citizens, non-profits and business to find new ideas


    The Collab Series


      • Collaboration between the third sector and startups can bring a wide range of benefits. For example, collaboration can result in new products, process or approaches to serve design as well as new revenue streams – ultimately making the third sector organisations more efficient and effective, resulting in greater impact. At the same time, startups can benefit from collaborating – gaining, for example, market knowledge, expertise, visibility and potential investment.
      • The following modes of collaboration are possible between startups and the third sector:
      • This initiative focuses on two modes of collaboration between the startups and NGOs :



      Procuring services or products from startups can be a way of third sector organisations to access innovative technologies and business models.


      It is a type of partnership to jointly specify, develop and/or pilot a novel solution. Many startups do not have a polished product or service yet, but work with the third sector to test and pivot their offerings and ultimately sell it to third sector organisations.


      Participating NGOs


      Action Aid Association

      World Vision India

      Save the Children




      Akshaya Patra

      Care India

      Youngistaan Foundation


      PLAN International


      Supported by


      Knowledge Partner

      Save the Children

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      Tech Partner



      Program flow


      Week 1- 2 : Immerse

      Participants (NGOs and Social Startups) will have the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss their diverse experiences and viewpoints about solutions that are relevant and impactful.

      • Orientation
      • Meet n Greet : Cultural Exchange b/w Social Startups and NGOs
      • Panel Discussion – Collaboration for Impact (Topic TBD) (By Verdentum)
      • Workshop: Tech for Social Good by AWS (and Verdentum)

      Week 3 – 4 : Co-create

      The startups and NGOs will define a clear need and set their objectives. Each participant will carefully select a collaboration mode that best delivers the objectives

      • Preparation for collaboration
      • Setting the collaboration parameters
      • Making the collaboration work


      Week 5: Showcase

      Social startups and NGOs can present their proposals (i.e., MoUs, PoCs or
      Pilot proposals) to CSRs and Multilateral Organisations for funding.

      • Funding services
      • Proposal presentations to potential funding partners
      • Network with CSRs, Multilateral and Govt. Dept


      Program Benefits


      Tech Support and Cloud Services by AWS

      Access to Telangana Social Startup Ecosystem

      Access to Funding network

      Showcase opportunity to Government, Administration, and CSRs