Name of the Innovator: Nimmala Lingareddy

District: Adilabad

Name of Innovation(English): Handy Weed Remover

Name of Innovation (Telugu): కలుపు యంత్రం

Description – English: Mr. Nimmala Lingareddy was previously a teacher in a private school. Having lost his job 2 years ago, he decided to get into farming and realised that there was a need for a weeder or a “Kalupu Yantram”. He built an easy to hold and use, weeder, that costs only Rs. 200. A job that previously required 5 people per acre, now only needs 1. The weeder is a stick with a rectangular blade-like device, that can be dragged in either direction. The teeth on the blade will remove the weeds.

Category of Innovator: Farmer

Sector of the Innovation: Agriculture