Name of the Innovator: Ravikar Reddy

District: Hyderabad

Name of Innovation(English): Easy uplitfer of patients to avoid body injuries

Name of Innovation (Telugu): శరీర గాయాలను నివారించడానికి రోగులను సులభంగా పైకి లేపడం మరియు బదిలీ చేయడం

Description – English: The easy uplift model provides a safe transfer of patients in hospitals to ensure safety without any injury. It has handles as a grip which are attached to the base plate, offering support during sit to stand transfers.It can turn on its own radius to move in confined spaces such as toilets,wheelchairs,bed,shower. It has a safety strap to hold the patients without falling down ensures the safety of users during short transfers.Caregivers do not have to lift patients up from their beds and wheelchairs, a process that could lead to exertion and injuries.

Category of Innovator: School Student

Sector of the Innovation: Health &Medicine